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Elena Hamboulla

Petros helped us throughout our professional journey to identify our values as individuals and connect them to our purpose and mission in our professional careers. 

Our thoughts were clouded and Petros cleared the air for us.


Debbie Hadjisocratous

Having known Petros for over 10years both on a professional and personal level ,I wanted to say this publically ,he never stops to surprise me ! His super power is communication and he can adapt and apply it to business and life in such a magical way! He left our office 20mins ago and gave us a few tips which I used immediately and they worked ! Never doubt the doctors diagnosis !! Thank you Petros or having such an impact and such passion about what your preach and teach! Im a follower !!

Lefteris Orphanides.jpg

Lefteris Orphanides

Petros Philippou brought a fresh and positive aura in our company's culture and contributed in transforming the attitude of the personnel, building a stronger and more solid team, so necessary in the corporations of our times. Petros has helped each and every one of us to become more efficient and save valuable time and energy.


Christos Nicolaou

Petros is an amazing human being. Although I have been to many seminars, and discussed with many people in the industry, Petros managed to surprise me by connecting with me and offering me some pieces of wisdom that really pricked my heart. He makes an effort to offer personalised and practical advice, and not just generalised information. Brought tremendous value to me and would definitely recommend him as a coach at any stage of life.


Christiana Kofteros

His words are inspiring and influencing.  What impresses me the most about Petros, is the honesty in his voice and how he chooses to reflect his own personal experiences in his words. I keep and cherish all his advice and he has boosted me both in a professional and personal level.

Michael Pillos.jpg

Michael Pillos

Petros can help CEOs, CMOs and Marketing managers to see the world through the eyes of the customer. Brands have a story to tell the world but this does not mean that the company is able to communicate the story efficiently. Petros can focus communication and messages to the right audience at the right time. He can help identify corporate communication misinformation and guide Brand Positioning.

Jaric Karepov.jpeg

Jaric Karepov

I had the pleasure of working with Petros on some projects in Cyprus. All I can say is that his reputation precedes him. His understanding of the market, client needs and branding are unmatched. I look forward to working with him again.

Antonis Theodorides.jpeg

Antonis Theodorides

I have meet Petros few years ago and my first good impression lasts up to today. He is a truly professional in his tactics and he will present all alternatives in a very honest and detailed manner. Being and operate in a very competitive and relatively small market as the one in Cyprus, Petros and his company have managed to stand above the competition;and this was achieved thanks to him and his team for their personality ,ethics and professionalism.

Yiannis Koutalis.jpg

Yiannis Koutalis

Our experience with Petros as a coach at Cubix Minds is amazing. He helped us understand where and who we are as a company as well as individuals and was by our side, to set and achieve our goals towards our development.

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