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Behaviour leads our reputation. Strategies lead our success.

Building Winners

Petros lives on a purpose to inspire people to do things that will improve the quality of their lives, while each one of us changes the world for the better.

He is an entrepreneur, founder of the Global Leadership Movement, glm in short and an ambassador of quality networking through gbo international.

He is on a mission to educate people on how to build their reputation, becoming a role models for their teams and their society and continuously increase their results.

Throughout his speeches, trainings and consultations, he became a game changer for many individuals, teams and businesses, by sharing strategies that are now proven to deliver the best results possible.


Founder at Global Leadership Movement

We created GLM for businesses around the globe. We aim to become the backbone of their success by working closely with leaders and their teams to create more opportunities for their businesses. 

Our mission is to create leading corporate and personal brands, that will make this world a better place.

GLM Offers:

- Leadership Coaching & Trainings

- Sales & Business Trainings

- PR & Marketing Consulting and Management

- Management Consulting

GBO Cyprus


Petros have been appointed as an ambassador of GBO International for Cyprus.

His goal is to connect people locally and on an international scale with quality contacts that can create more business opportunities together.

GBO is the unboring international business club that has been created to change the game of networking and transform it into valuable connection hub, with services and opportunities that will help its members grow theirselves and businesses.

What People Say


Elena Hamboulla

Petros helped us throughout our professional journey to identify our values as individuals and connect them to our purpose and mission in our professional careers. 
Our thoughts were clouded and Petros cleared the air for us.


Christos Nicolaou

Petros is an amazing human being. Although I have been to many seminars, and discussed with many people in the industry, Petros managed to surprise me by connecting with me and offering me some pieces of wisdom that really pricked my heart. He makes an effort to offer personalised and practical advice, and not just generalised information. Brought tremendous value to me and would definitely recommend him as a coach at any stage of life.


Christiana Kofterou

His words are inspiring and influencing.  What impresses me the most about Petros, is the honesty in his voice and how he chooses to reflect his own personal experiences in his words. I keep and cherish all his advice and he has boosted me both in a professional and personal level.