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Thrive in challenging times!

I believe that we are facing the most challenging times in history. In times like this we see people stay behind and build up difficulties where some others thrive. The main difference of the two categories, is that people who thrive, have a coach.

My Promise

My purpose on this complimentary sessions, is to provide you with proven strategies that will guarantee the results you want to get, through an amazing life experience.




Unfold your strength, courage and passion which will help you overcome any challenge that life throws at you.



your career

Differentiate yourself in your profession, find out how to become truly valuable to your employer and do whatever it takes to achieve your desired career goals.



Powerful Relationships

People around us. This is what we need to thrive in life, at work or in business. See what it takes to build those powerful relationships in your personal or professional life.


Transform Your Business

By working together you will provided with guidance to set your goals, identify new opportunities and create a smart action plan to change your results.



a high performer

Learn the Smart Action Planning system and become an amazing performer, while feeling you are in an absolute control of your days.



an impactful leader

Overcome any obstacle and stay focused and inspired. Keep yourself motivated even in hard times and learn all the tools needed inspire, influence and connect with others.

How It Works

1. Discovery Call

In this call I will help you identify your goals, and if coaching is the right fit for you in just 15-30 minutes.

2. Strategy Session

In a complimentary strategy session you will move further into discovering all important areas of your life, work or business and identify the gap between now and where you want to be.

3. Start Coaching

After identifying all these then we can talk about any coaching needs and come up with the right plan for this.

Coaching With

Decision is all yours of course!

  • 250+ Hours of Coaching per Year

  • Greek & English Speaking

  • Fast Results

  • Lasting Change

  • Affordable Fees

  • Less Sessions Needed

Petros Philippou

On a mission to transform lives

My pitfalls of the past became the power of your future!

I am here to help, guide and support you.

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