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Why a follow up strategy should be a top priority?

Some gurus is sales say that their top priority strategy is the follow up they do with their prospects. Why is that?

We all understand that sales happen between humans. So there should be in most of the cases, if not all, a real connection between the two parties, and of course we know that a real connection happens only if there is a trust involved, or somehow a feeling of security between them.

It is very important that the buyer is the one who mainly needs to feel that trust in the connection. A real connection needs some repetition of contacts so they can build this up. In some cases that happens fast, but in most cases it needs time.

A research showed that sales happen after many attempts on contacting the prospect, therefore there is a space for a good strategy so the seller can really create that connection based on trust.

Most of my clients say that this way they become very pushy to the client so they lose their opportunities. Please note the following:

  1. They are not clients but prospects. This changes the approach

  2. That's why you need a strategy, not only actions

  3. Shortage of leads make you pushy as you feel that your options are limited

Taking actions without a strategy will make you pushy to the prospect and I totally agree with this. The best way to control yourself is to keep a high volume of leads in your system. That gives you the freedom of working with many people at the same time without feeling the pressure of reaching the agreement phase too early.

I suggest that you take a course which can help you build your own strategy. You can take a loon on this one for example.

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