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How to set and achieve your goals

For me, goals don’t have to be smart. You can use dumb goals as well. As long as the goal is something that will make you happy, it is just fine. Stop getting in the trap of what people tell you. Feel free to dream big and set your targets as you wish. This intro line takes me to the next focus topic which is the levels of goals, which for me are three.

Why setting up goals is important?

Let’s start this article with the reasons why, goals are important. It is enough to say that this is the first step to do bog things. The goal setting will help you:

  1. Staying focus on your wants and needs

  2. Measuring your progress

  3. Stop procrastinating

  4. Feeling important

  5. Stay motivated for more

  6. Have a clear path to success

The three levels of goals

Goals for me have three levels. The reason I see it this way it is purely because it helps me see a clear path to my success.

  1. Goals - the list of things what I want to achieve in the next year or two

  2. Vision - the list of things that I want to be within the next five years

  3. Purpose - the list of things that I want to accomplish or have as a desired outcome in my life. In this list I also include my values that I need to keep and maintain in my life.

How to stay focused on reaching your goals?

From each of my goals I extract a list of things I have to focus on, so I can achieve my goal. That could be things I have to learn, obstacles I have to remove or people I should have around me. By revisiting this list every week, I get inspired with new ideas or actions I need to take to ensure I stay in track. This process provides me with clarity and trust on my process. I call this my projects list. In this list I include other areas of focus such as my clients, household etc.

What to do to to ensure your goals will be met?

The above process will provide you with tasks and actions you need to complete. You will get the feeling that each call, email, meeting etc has a purpose. That will give you the motivation you need to do more. Small and big tasks will look like a daily game for you.

If you feel like you are losing track on your goals, try this process and I am sure you will make it. If again you feel you need help with this, I am always here for you. I have mentored hundreds of individuals on this, I guarantee you can make it as well.


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