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Business Training, or Business Education?

There is a huge difference between the two topics that are influencing your business. In some cases it can influence your results, big time.

People get confused in these two terms, resulting in having different expectations from their people, from the trainer, or even from themselves sometimes. These expectations have a domino effect on your business, and I am taking an Airline as an example for our article.

Let's say that this airline wants to increase the effectiveness of their Leadership Team. At the same time they want their pilots to learn some new staff in regards to their new airplanes.

What do you think their actions should be? They cannot "educate" their pilots to think creatively when there is a danger in the air. They just want them to take actions in a sequence they learnt at the training, not their education. They have to follow certain actions. So we train pilots on how to act.

In their case with the leadership team, I personally don't accept that a team of people can enter a room, get a training on how they should be dealing with people in their company. I don't believe a person can learn this and be called a leader. Leadership is something that needs education. There are feelings included that the person should first discover and then practice. You become a leader by practicing on a daily basis, what you are being educated. Not what you have been trained for.

Customer service needs education, but time management some basic education and a training on how to use the tools and strategies. There are many topics we can write here, but the main idea, is to help you see trainings and education as two different things.

Next time you think you need a training in your company, or for yourself, think twice. This will help you find the best possible program for you and your people.

I would love to get your thoughts on this. Is it helpful and valuable to you? Agree or disagree? Please let me know with a comment.


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