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7 Things You Can Do to Stop Procrastination

I have been looking for ways to stop procrastinating for almost half of my life. I read books, I have listened to many podcasts and I have tried so many methods for better time management through seminars and online courses.

At the end of the day, I feel like procrastination is a habit that we all can minimise or eliminate. I believe that the following seven points I am sharing with you are the most important ones, that will help you on this.

Here are the 7 things you can do, to stop procrastinating

1. Focus on the simple actions, not the big goal

Most of us are focusing on the big picture and that might be because we are more creative people and we prefer to see a clear picture of the outcome, which is actually correct. This is the only way you can make things happen.

But to actually make it happen, you need to focus on the smaller parts of the process, and those are the simple actions you need to take to complete the bigger pictures.

2. Accept that it's not easy

Of course it is not easy. Big things to happen are not easy. If you accept this and make yourself feel brave about doing the hard things, it might push you to take your next steps.

Remind yourself that you have been made for the hard things and that you deserve the best.

3. Focus on the benefits

People usually let things behind because there is no value to it. When you are planning your next actions, make sure you set them in a way that clearly state the value out of it.

It's normal to feel what you feel, but there is a way that you can change it. Make clear statements telling you what to do and why this is valuable to you.

4. Remind yourself of your purpose

Another mistake people do, they do not repeatedly review and remind themselves about their bigger picture, or even worst, they never let themselves write down what their bigger dreams and purpose is.

5. Remove the label from you

Most of the people who procrastinate, have assigned the label of the "procrastinator" to them. Change it by reminding yourself how productive you are and inject yourself with positive beliefs of the things you can achieve.

6. Reward yourself

Start rewarding yourself on the small wins and slowly slowly move to the bigger wins and to even bigger. Allow yourself to do things only if you have completed something important.

7. Forget priorities

Start focusing and take more actions on the most important things. The society made us prioritise things based on the urgency and that made us waiting for the last moment to do things.

If you turn your focus on the important things, you will reach the point that nothing will be that urgent. Give time on this one! It cannot change in one night!


Thank you

Please feel free to leave your comments below. I wish this blog helped you identify what you should do to stop procrastinating.

If you feel you need further help, you can book a free session with me to further help you with this.


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