Meet your Coach

Few words from Petros Philippou

“I believe that communication is the tool for us to master our lives and business. With the right communication you can get what you want from life, you can build the right behaviour, you can build trust, you can make friends, you can make people happy, you can sell, you can almost do everything.

I have been working with so many industries, helped me to see that success is coming with a very simple concept. By focusing on people everything can be done and achieved. Whether you are running a real estate company, financial advising firm, dealing with yachts, owing a factory, you are a lawyer or an architect, the only thing that is changing is the tool with which you are helping people to achieve their results”.

Petros Philippou

Success is optional. You either want it or you don’t have it at all.

Petros Philippou is committed in helping people create a better world where everyone is living with love and passion. Love for people and passion to achieve the desired life through the worklife they choose to do.

He believes that everything we do is for helping others. He says that we all came to this world to help each other achieve our goals. Whatever we do is to fill a need of someone else. He believes that our lives should be focused in delivering a memorable experience to others, either through our business or personal lives.

Among Petros accomplishments are:

  • Creator of Team Workshop Program dedicated in helping small business owners understand how things have changed and drive their businesses on the next level up.
  • Trainer and Mentor in an international organisation for business networking, BNI.
  • Creator of a unique coaching program for Culture Change for small and large companies.
  • A dynamic speaker captivates and motivates the audience with his entertaining, and informative speaking style.
  • Member of Round Table International helping this world becoming a better place for everyone.

Petros Philippou worked with companies in various fields such as the Real Estate, Financial Advisory, Insurance, Lawyers, Accountants, the Yachting Industry, Consultants, Property Consultants, Factories, Event Planners, Pharmacies, Freight Forwarders and many more.

His experience and know-how can help any company and individual learn and thrive in this economy. To make his coaching widely approachable internationally he introduced a Skype coaching program for individuals, and he is working on new programs which will help the companies as well.

petros family

Petros is involved in charity events and organisations and he is always looking form more opportunities to help more people.

He currently lives in Limassol Cyprus with his wife Evanthia Eliadou and their daughter.