I imagine a world where people start their day with a purpose, they are happy in anything they do, and they feel inspired to bring success in their lives.

Together we can make it happen...

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I think it's time to support each other, more than ever before. We all go through difficult times.

I am offering this new program with Live Online Classes, prepared to help anyone win through these times.

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Christiana Kofteros

His words are inspiring and influencing. What impresses me the most about Petros, is the honesty in his voice and how he chooses to reflect his own personal experiences in his words. I keep and cherish all his advice and he has boosted me both in a professional and personal level.

Christos Nicolaou

Although I have been to many seminars, and discussed with many people in the industry, Petros managed to surprise me by connecting with me and offering me some pieces of wisdom that really pricked my heart. He makes an effort to offer personalised and practical advice, and not just generalised information. Brought tremendous value to me and would definitely recommend him as a coach at any stage of life.

Debbie Hadjisocratous

He never stops to surprise me ! His super power is communication and he can adapt and apply it to business and life in such a magical way! 

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Petros Philippou started to see the difference of communication between people from the time he was studying at the university and to be more precise, that was his course in marketing. He realised that people are trying to manipulate people through different communication techniques, forcing them to buy staff.

Petros who by nature dislikes lies, thought that we could do business by simply communicate who we are and what are we trying to achieve. That was the first unclear picture.

By the years and his experience throughout his jobs and his business in marketing, he saw that there was something in common between branding and religions. He realised that where there is a strong belief in something, people will follow, simply because they believe the same.

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