Why people fail to follow up on their dreams

It's really remarkable how easy we quit on our dreams. If this is happening to you, don't worry, you are not alone. More than 95% of people allow this to themselves.

What is that thing that holds us back? Have you ever thought about it?

Well if I take myself, I found out why. Not only I found out, but I checked it over and over again, read about it, learned about the traits of successful people and I am sharing with you what I know now and, what helped me move forward.

No Dreams

Before you start chasing your dreams, first you need to allow and enable yourself, to dream. To be able to create a picture of you in the future. A picture which shows you when you reach your desired life.

No Faith

We live our lives in a society which taught us how to be limited, when at the same time, deeply inside us we all know that we have been made limitless. Humans proved that there is no limit to imagination and reality. That these two are always moving together. Whatever we have in our lives, it was first an imagination. Take as an example the plane. Or the phone. The radio or the TV. The internet and then the apps. The social media and chats. The automobile industry, the light and I can just move forward.

Ok ok ok. I agree. We ain't all going to become the creators of something new. I know and you are correct. But we can all use what the others created, and design and develop a totally new self. A different future for us. We can be the creators of our lives. We just need to believe in something and especially have faith to ourselves.

No Purpose

We live life as it comes. We live life as they serve it to us. We let days pass by without a purpose of achieving or changing something. With a purpose everything starts to move. Even with little steps. You also have a purpose but you don't yet know it, because you haven't found it. Find Your Purpose here.

If you think about it, this morning you actually took a decision about your life. A life changing decision. You either have a purpose so you took the decision to wake up and start working towards something, or the decision was silently saying that you will do nothing about it. You will stay still, work on some tasks, or spend your day watching TV or scrolling your newsfeed. Live your life on a purpose. This will give you the right goals in life.

No Goals

Most of the people don't set goals. More than 80% of people have no clear goals in life. A huge percentage of about 15% they think they have goals. 4% is writing their goals on a paper and they quit. Only 1% of people have clear goals which they follow up consistently. You can learn about the 5 Simple Steps to Build your Desired Life here.

No Big Goals

Studies show that if we fail to set big goals, the probabilities we have to become successful are almost zero. Most of the people set very realistic goals. I am not a fun of this SMART Goals system.

No Time

Very often I listen to new mentees that they don't have the time to set goals, or to invest in themselves. What I realised is that most of the people spend most of their time "travelling". They let their mind travel to different situations, continuously. So it's true. They run out of time.

What I know is that people who achieved the high levels in life, also have 24 hours. Same as what we have. They just invested their time to their goals and purpose. Also I realised that they invested every single moment of their time. They were committed into their success.

No Clear Definition of Success

People confuse success, with money and happiness. They are completely three different things. We all need to be happy and we deserve to be happy. But we also need to be careful of what being happy is and distinguish it from having fun.

Success has a different definition to different people. In dictionary I found that success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. So I set the belief that successful is someone who continuously achieve or accomplish different goals towards a purpose. In dictionary successful is the one who achieved fame, wealth or social status.

No Clear Understanding of Money

Money will not make as happy. I truly believe this statement. But at the same time, money will give us options, will buy what we need for us, will allow us to help those we love and care and it will enable us to provide more in the society. So money is not a bad thing as they used to tell us.

This bad relationship we have for money, sends money away, because you would never allow yourself to look for something you hate.

No Respect to the Successful People

Same as the paragraph above, how can we become successful by achieving our dreams, if we hate the successful people. It is normal that your mind would never allow you to go towards something you dislike.

What I suggest

Take the time to think about how you want your life to be. Find your purpose and set your goals now. Follow your dreams and stop listening to what people say. It is your life and you will design it and build it as you wish. Stop living someone else's agenda and create your own. Take some courses that will enable you to start today and be proud of you.

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