Why HR Fails?

Updated: Apr 24

I believe that the most important department in an organisation is the HR Department, and as life goes on with all the changes that brings with it, it makes it even more important. Having a look on this, you may realise that this is also the reason why many organisations fail.

Companies today need to form a culture that unites people within the organisation and this will reflect to people outside the organisation. One of the main pillars in developing a culture in our companies is the recruitment and induction process, you may call it orientation, on-boarding etc. Why? because culture can only be formed using the human being.

Why HR Fails

So where all the problem begins? The culture transformation begins from the very top level. Culture transformation is all about aligning beliefs and values. Culture transformation is all about aligning processes and departments. Finally Culture Transformation is all about the alignment of an effective communication. Companies are trying to change people without changing the core values. Companies are trying to impress when they talk about the culture, but the culture is not being created to impress but to help people feel great at work, which at the end will impress people to work for it.

Why HR Fails?

The HR Departments are trying to their best and bring people with the right skills in an organisation. That’s true and highly appreciated. This is what they’ve learnt in school and this is what they have been asked to do in an organisation.

"You don’t fail for things you do, but for the things you didn’t do”.

So HR Depts fail because they didn’t take the responsibility to see recruitment from another point of view. Because they didn’t step into the change of the process. Because they didn’t take the responsibility to question everything they have been told in school.

So they fail because they simply didn't take a personal responsibility to move forward. I believe that everyone should take a personal responsibility to bring change and move the organisation or the nation or the world a step forward. 

Here are the 7 Changes that need to take place and bring HR back to what really needs to be:

  • Change the recruitment process

  • Get aligned with all departments

  • Transform the induction process

  • Listen the needs of the position

  • Push the company to go for the change

  • Introduce Inter-Departmental meetings

  • Take personal responsibility

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