Turn into the "Yes Business" before is too late

Updated: Apr 24

What I realised all these years of doing business is this. Be open to everything will maximise your opportunities to do more for the society and you. I have met a lot of people, the majority actually, including me getting overwhelmed and passionate about doing one thing, which actually destroys all the opportunities we may have in our careers.

Passion is the core element in doing business correctly, together with happiness. But if you don't allow yourself to see all the opportunities out there, you will never know how far can you go. By saying yes it means you get all your chances. In some you win and in some you lose, this is normal. So go out there and grab all your chances and opportunities.

Where the problem comes from

We all grew up in a society where people are afraid to lose. We are afraid to fail. Schools and parents taught us that failure is bad and that we can all be good to everything.

How to solve it

First of all accept who you really are. Discover yourself by paying attention to your feelings. To what makes you happy. Then accept the behaviour of others as they are trying to be happy as well. Move yourself around positive people and positive news. Help yourself become positive at everything. See the half full part of that F**king glass you 've been listening all this years!

What to do

  • Give by saying yes to what people ask you to help them with

Don't worry. It doesn't mean you have to do everything. Delegate things around so you keep the energy go. By accepting the challenge to help someone, remember that sometimes is by just telling them how or whom they need to get in touch with.

You see how it goes? You help someone by giving to someone else. This is what keeps the world go round and round by giving.

  • Get by saying yes to proposals

Accept the challenge of a new opportunity. By saying "yes, let's see how" you let yourself open to think about it further and take your actions. You allow yourself see what else can you do that makes you happy. This is the road to discovering your self and your purpose.

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