Stay in the game during the recession

I am sure you came across to many bla bla bla during this period, like "think positive", "everything will be alright", "don't worry" and many many more, right?

Well I am writing this to you to let you know about how I feel and how I believe everyone feels during the recession and any consequences this Covid-19 will bring in our lives.

I totally understand how you feel. I've been there before and whatever my problems are now I have the experience to share with you and help you move out of this the soonest possible.

Our power comes out of what we believe

We have two options right now. We can either stay still and wait to see how things will be and act accordingly, or we will imagine how we want things to be and design the path to act towards this. The choice is ours. What do you choose?

Dream it to achieve it

Mistakes we can do

Before we decide what we need to do, we will have first to agree on what mistakes we should avoid. We have to know what's wrong for us before we find out what is the right thing.

So let's agree that we will avoid these mistakes

  1. Stay inactive

  2. Listen to what media is projecting

  3. Ignoring the true problem

  4. Paying too much attention to our Facebook newsfeed

  5. Allow to negativity enter our mind

  6. Spending time with toxic people

Your actions and reactions are based on the information you feed your brain with. This information can be positive or can be negative. It is totally up to you. I suggest that you avoid the media and the negativity around you, either by the people you talk or follow in your social media platforms, and surround yourself with positive people, active people and all those you know they believe in you.

You are the average of the top 10 contacts in your life

This statement is true or for some people very close to their truth. So consider with whom you wish to spend your time with, the most.

Things we could do to keep as on track

Avoiding the mistakes alone won't drive us anywhere. We have to take some actions to stay active and in the game.

1. Write your goals

Make a picture of your ideal self and the ideal life for you. Dream big is the key on this process. This is the first step to allow yourself to see the new possibilities, which are now the light in the tunnel. Without this you will probably allow yourself to see only dead-ends around any idea.

2. Make a list of the steps you need to take

Having your goals written down on a paper, will allow you to think of things you should do in order to go towards that direction. This list will give you the actual life projects to complete.

3. Be creative

While you are doing your lists, allow yourself to be creative so you can consider changes you may need to make. In some cases, if not all, we will have to reinvent our own businesses. Find new ways of doing business or delivering our products and services. Be creative and open to any idea that comes in you mind.

4. Invest in yourself

This is something I have been listening to for years, but I was not that open to understand the real meaning. We accept the situation we live in, we never think that hard times will pass through and, the most important of all we label ourselves based on the work we do, not based on a bigger purpose.

This never help us think that we can do more, or even worst, never allow us see what we might be much better in doing.

If you let your mind be free to discover your inner self, then you might see that investing on you more time, energy and money, will return to you in many ways. It will allow you to fix your mistakes faster, recognise your wrong actions faster, remove any fears you have faster and bring success to you, faster.

5. Be aware of the "Bell"

If you get yourself finding nothing you could fix, or change, replace, transform or whatever else, the remember that this is the "Bell". It is this alert system that there are things you should consider, within you. Those things could be a fear of something, a fear of not accepting you don't know something, or even that you will have to improve something.

This is normal and it comes from our childhood. We all grew up in a world where everything is on a race, where people do not accept failure, they taught us in schools that if your grade is low, you have a problem. Hehe... Imagine how big their problem is. Don't allow this to yourself. Nobody knows everything.

I remember a client of mine who told me once, "Petros, I know how to style up your hair, but running a business for me is a huge headache. That's why you are here. Please make it easy for me". I know nothing about haircut and hair styling, I don't know how to cook, how to fix my car and you name what else I have no idea, how to do it. Everyone is here to help and support others, on what they are missing.

Review your Assets & Liabilities

It is time to review and get a real picture of how wealthy you are. You might need to reconsider how you will manage your assets and your liabilities so you can be and feel free of all this. Remember that cash is king during recessions.

Manage Cashflow

Come up with ideas on how to bring new cash in. See if there is anything you have and you can turn it into cash, or is it a new skill-set you can offer to people and get paid. We mentioned above, be creative.

Process your backlogs

See what projects, tasks and actions you left behind. Now we all have the time to complete all or part of it. It's going to give us time for later on and it's going to keep us busy and focused.


Is it about your personal brand or your company's? Whatever it is, you should reinvent it, fix the profile if needed and get it out.

Get closer to people through social media. Create new connections. Get your brand in from of the market. If they don't know you, they will never do anything with you.

Let your fears go

I understand what you might be thinking. It happened to me as well. But at the end of the day there is nothing to lose. If you are strong enough, there is nothing to keep you from moving. Haters will always be out there for everyone. So what? Let's make more of them because as you are creating haters, people who like you are increasing at the same time.

There are people out there, who don't like me, because I don't say what they want to hear. Because I am telling them things they are bored to do, not motivated to try, no hunger inside and other limitations they have for them by the society. I keep going for those who are passionate enough and want to make that impact.

Thank You

Thank you for reading this article. I really appreciate it, but please think about it. How it feels when someone says thank you to you?

Start saying more "thank you's" to people around you and start by yourself.


If you are looking to reactivate your business start by learning some tips in prospecting. For this reason, I want to help people by sharing my thoughts and strategies.

I am going live on Thursday, April 30, for a workshop to those who are ready to make it happen. You can Register Here if you wish! I hope to see you inside :)


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