Service Vs Experience

Updated: Mar 10

The outcome of my discussion with professionals I realise that for them the definition of a "Continuous Creation of New Experience" to customers, is a job of luxurious hotels, innovative brands like apple or google, luxurious airlines etc.

People never thought of a Delightful Experience in factories, the construction industry, technology and engineering or the doctors and many other industries and professions in the list.

Experience Vs Service

I hear from all people around the world about the importance of delivering a great service. I totally agree with this statement, but let us think for a while. What does great service really mean?

Meet Customers Expectations

We ended up in this world fighting with ourselves on keep trying to meet our customers expectations, where at the same time those expectations keep rising. As a result we cannot fully satisfy our customers.

You know, if you cannot really satisfy your customers, it becomes really expensive for your business. You keep losing customers and you are paying much more to bring in more and more people to choose your products or service.

The question is, what do we have to do then? 

Exceed Customers Expectations

Yes! That's probably the answer. Go the extra mile. This seems to be a great tactic to follow but it here it comes again. People feel like they do everything possible without feeling the satisfaction of the client, most of the times. Have you ever thought of why is that happening?

Customers expectations are rising, but we don't really know up to which level. Lately I introduced the ripple effect of the human experience to help people understand how to think and act to achieve not only customers satisfaction but a superior experience which drives people into a real engagement with the brand.

Delight the Customers

So it is not only about serving people, but it's all about generating ideas how to impress them. Brands in this case should actually develop the people in a way they realise what delighting the customers mean, be ready to overcome any bad situation and be inspired to act in a specific way to ensure the above effect.

This is what I call a Delighting Experience Culture. A group of people working together, inspiring each other to create such a great experience for others.

My Definition of Experience

Experience is taking the lead to create an emotional value for somebody else.

So the next step for you who haven't been educated on the ripple effect, is to at least think towards developing yourself in a positive communication while you are developing your leadership skills.


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