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Updated: Apr 24

I believe it's time to bring everything I teach in life. We grow by learning and we offer by giving. Since 2014 I decided that I will keep my focus in educating companies and individuals about Branding and Marketing, with the purpose of helping them transform their brand culture and attract more customers by communication effectively and efficiently.

I think the time is now, when I should get even more involved in their communication to actively help them grow healthy brands.

The reason I bring Marketing Management to companies is very simple. I see that most of the agencies are providing marketing solutions which have been successfully used in the past, but they avoid learning and implementing new techniques and methodologies which are going to bring more results to companies and individuals.

My biggest trouble through these years was to educate people in regards to the new era of marketing. To help them view life and business from a new perspective. Some people manage to understand this and some others I felt that didn't. I realised though that it wasn't their fault. So I decided that I will help them by doing rather than by only telling.

Plan Vs Strategy

I don't believe in plans any more. I believe in strategies. Life is changing fast and the plans showed that they simply don't work anymore.

Content Vs Context

Content is very important. But the most important part is the context. What is the reason behind what you communicate is more important than the message itself. It gives value to your audience, not you.

Education Vs Execution

When we educate our audience through our communication we gain a double benefit. The one is that we have smarter buyers making smart decisions and we push ourselves become better everyday so we meet the new expectations. People love to learn.

So I truly believe that marketing is different now and we should treat it this way. I am here to do that for anyone who is willing to try new things, which are actually not new. Same tools, different approach.

Let's get in touch then

Call +357 9995 3000 or by contact us here and book your 30 minutes FREE informational session, on how your marketing should be executed from now on. As a bonus we will create a fast strategy to help you on your transformation.


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