How to protect our office from the coronavirus

I am not an expert on this but these are my findings from what I read about this new virus. If we act proactively, we have higher chances to keep it at lower infection rates.

At the workplace you never know who might got infected, so it would be helpful if you take some actions now.

  1. Encourage each other for Regular Hand-Wash

  2. Perform daily cleaning - each one at their own areas, like their desk, items etc

  3. Open windows for fresh air

  4. Encourage people to drink water. Not much, but continuously.

  5. Drink hot drinks on your break

  6. Use antiseptic gels

  7. Always have tissues with you (you may need to give to someone)

Stay calm and follow the general instructions that scientists promote. If you have any other idea for the list, feel free to share it on your comments.

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