How to build employee engagement

Updated: Apr 24

Many businesses are having troubles when it comes to the staff. I believe that this might be the number one problem companies are facing and cannot easily get people engaged.

The number one priority for companies in my opinion is to develop a culture if winning mindset. A culture where people are enjoying working at, people are positive and productive, a culture which enables people to openly share thoughts and ideas.

When things go well in regards to relationships within a company then all the rest simply work. So if you are running a business make sure this is your first priority.

When I visit companies for the first time I get the management team complaining about their people, where at the same time people complain about their management. The main reason for this is what I called, the Unaligned Culture, meaning that everyone has their own beliefs, their own point of view and there is no common vision. That means that people do what they believe is best, for them. There is no common ground to work on and focus on.

Let's see what you should do and what to avoid to make sure you start building the right culture. The fist step is to create the foundation which is to identify what the business purpose is and create a common vision for all to work for. As a leader you should make sure you...

Do these

  • Accept your people as they are. You hired them anyway.

  • Recognise and reinforce their improvements and effort.

  • Let them try and fail.

  • Let them express their ideas and proposals for improvement.

  • Work side by side sometimes.

  • Empower them and enable them by removing obstacles they are facing.

  • Explain them the consequences of their actions, in a calm and constructive way.

  • Respect their personalities.

  • Listen to them carefully.

  • Offer them special moments with their team and be involved.

Don't do these or stop these

  • Don't offend them. Not even privately.

  • Stop comparing their performance to others.

  • Don't lie to them.

  • Don't let them alone when they need you.

  • Support them and guide them.

  • Don't threaten them.

  • Stop shouting.

  • Don't ignore their needs.

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