How to Double your Sales in 2019

Updated: Mar 10

On every end of the year people try to set their goals and we all have that motivation within, pushing us to promise more and more to ourselves. The truth to be said though, I know that 98% of people quit on the first 45 days of the year, from which the 95% in the first 2 weeks.

Working with business people the last 11 years now, mentoring leaders the last 5 years, I realised that the problem rises from missing information. It is not that we don't want it, or we do not need it. We all want to increase our revenues and the truth is that we basically need it. Who doesn't want the money?

Money is not everything and money will not make you happy. This is what we learnt from school and our families, but have a look on the other side. Happiness is an option. You can be poor and happy and you could be rich and happy. Which one do you prefer? We all know that money gives options in life. They help us satisfy not only our needs but also our wants.

Why people cannot sell?

1. Missing of a simple sales process

2. They confuse Sales with Marketing, PR, Networking and Closing, or the mix them up

3. They don't have a Lead Generation Strategy

4. They don't know how to keep a full prospect pipeline

5. They miss the value of a sales pipeline

6. They use the wrong messages in marketing

7. They miss information on the usage of Effective Communication

8. They build weak human relationships

We need to understand that people buy for only few reasons. They are either solving a problem they are facing, or because they need to save time, they wish to save money or they simply want to make money.

In addition to this you need to remember that also very important for people to buy from you, they need to know you first and feel they can trust you.

a. Know you

b. Trust you

c. Like you (this is not for the first time they will buy, but they will decide based on this if they will repeat visiting you and buy from you).


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