How to benefit from the Coronavirus hard times

Updated: Apr 24


I know how you probably feel now in this coronavirus hard times. Believe me it's almost the same to all of us. For some might be harder, for some a bit easier, but at the end we all know that everyone is suffering right now one way or another. The big question now, is what am I doing now? Correct. But let me help you think clearly. Let me remind you that I have started this job right in a previous hard times period. When our economy collapsed in 2013. It was the time I promised I am going to learn from my mistakes and help people avoid situations like mine. So the first thing you need to think is not what to do, but what is the real purpose of doing it. You have to let fear for a while and think clearly the purpose of what you are going to do. This will not only give you the motivation to act, but it will also drive you to the right direction, so after all this time, you will be where you should and more ready than any "competitor". FACT + ACTION = RESULT I read this equation in a book, many years ago and, it somehow changed my life. Or at least the way I see life. We don't have to be great in maths to understand this. FACT is a fact. It cannot change. So if we wish to change the result, we will have to work on our actions. Step 1: Re-Purpose So this is what I am asking you to do. But be careful on what actions you are taking. As mentioned above, first step is to find the purpose of why you actually need that result. Step 2: Plan Once you found the real purpose, you now need to stay focus and see how you can actually do that. Find the path and write it down. Make sure you feel proud of this. You know that people will benefit from this. Step 3: Action Last but not least of course, is to design your plan of actions which you are going to take. What are the steps to help you reach your purpose.


1. Cashflow is more important than profits This was one of my biggest mistakes I ever did 2. Marketing is your only way out (be careful here. Follow me for more tips on this) In 2013 people people stop all marketing activities. Results shown that it was a big mistake. It also became an obstacle in making their come back in the market. Correct Marketing is King in this times. If you have questions about it, feel free to contact me and ask me anything. 3. Consider re-organisation of your backlog We will have more time available now. So it is time to get rid of any backlog and return fresh and ready.

We are the Winners. We will make it. Together.

With love & respect, Petros

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