Education Kills Creativity

Updated: Mar 10

We all know that creativity helps us improve ourselves and our society together. Being creative means you come up with new innovative ideas into changing what's a barrier to people. Into creating something new people can use to get the benefits out of it. It could be a new product or a new service.

My experience showed me that our mind needs more space to become creative. We need knowledge and space so we can let our brain travel into creativity and create the pictures we need for our new idea.

We all went through the educational system so we all understand how it works. I believe we need a big change and I am explaining below. But first let me comment on the fact that schools are providing so many information to kids which doesn't allow them to keep any open space to their super creative by nature minds. They need to remember dates, events, names, stories and many many more. Just think about it for a moment. Think about their brain.

How the system works

  1. They give grades based on what you remember by heart

  2. They want you to become a living machine that stores information

  3. They pay attention what's trash for the kids

  4. They don't understand the different personalities and abilities

  5. They hire teachers based on a university degree

  6. They train teachers on their subjects only

  7. They promote teachers to managerial positions using a mark system

  8. They promote a culture of "this is not my job"

  9. They promote a culture of "I can't lose my job"

How the system should work

  1. Give grades based on knowledge, behaviour, teamwork and respect

  2. Provide knowledge oriented education

  3. Teach them what's useful to them and their future in regards to mind, body and spirit

  4. Educate in various ways so different personalities can get the knowledge and the learning experience. Inspire them to keep learning

  5. Hire teachers based on their communication and leadership skills as well

  6. Educate teachers in leadership and communication

  7. Promote teachers based on their grades from students as well

  8. Promote a culture of a common vision

  9. Fire those who don't perform destroy the system (the new one)

Of course these are just the headlines of a very big discussion. Of a very large project. But I really believe they should start changing now. Late is not the biggest issue. "Never" is.

I truly believe that we have teachers who understand the need of change. We also have teachers who understand nothing of the above. The thing is to have a government who will take the lead to change, or teachers who will force the change by start doing what's right. Sometimes we force things by doing.

On the other hand we have the parents. Parents who are also damaging education because they don't know how to bring change. Because they lack of leadership skills.

What we should we change as parents

  • Work side by side with teachers. Continuous communication and feedback.

  • Work kids improvements at home. I shared my thought on "Back to School" blog yesterday. Read it here

Beside what we will all do as parents and teachers, there is one advice to all.

Lead by Listening

Thanks for reading


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