"Cold" Calling for a Sales Meeting

Updated: Mar 10

If meeting a prospect is your Sales First Step then this is to remind you that First thing is to make that Cold Call, and how to maximise your chances.

Before I give you the strategy that can be used to maximise your chances, let me just tell you that there is no warm call. Just think of the case you have to call a referral, or a friend or any person in your family and ask for a business meeting. You have the exact same feeling as the feeling you have when calling to someone you have never met with. So for your own benefit, have in mind that you need to practise cold calling anyway so you sound professional every time on the phone.

The Mistake

People usually make a very common mistake, which arises from the fact that there is no process and strategy in place. If you have no process and strategy in place you will end up doing the exact same mistake, over and over again, and this is to show to the person that the only reason you want them to meet with you is to make them buy something from you.

Who said that every single person we are calling, is going to buy something. What about those people they don't need what we offer right now? Why do we keep doing the same mistake which is driving us to lose contacts instead of gaining more?

What to do Instead

The first thing you have to do is to create a Sales Process which will guide you step by step of what is the next goal with the specific contact. Then use a strategy which will help you moving to the next step and create more and more prospects.

The right Process for you should include the following parts:

  1. Discovering prospect's needs

  2. Written Proposal Presentation Strategies

  3. Negotiation Strategies

  4. Closing Strategies &

  5. Follow Up Strategies

Each of the above will need to be dressed for success. Make sure you provide yourself with all perception points of each step, so it will help you nail the process.

Cold Calling Strategy

You will have to close that meeting in order for you to go to that meeting. How can you do that and maximise your chances?

Your call should have the following steps:

1. Fast and Professional Greeting

2. Confirm they have a reason to meet with you

3. Propose date and time

4. Handle any possible objections

5. Close the meeting

6. Make sure you follow up with them, in between your phone call and your meeting.

Enjoy the meeting and make sure it is short enough with clear communication. Save their time, tell them everything they need to know.

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