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Updated: Mar 10

Today our kids are back to school and I am taking this opportunity to reach out to all of you, the parents. I believe that we all have to think or re-think some major skills we need to improve as parents.

We want our kids to:

  • Learn new staff

  • Make more friends

  • Feel important

  • Accept themselves

  • Love themselves

  • Accept differentiation

  • Get helped and help others

  • Be polite

  • Be kind

  • Do their homework

Imagine how many things we ask them to do and they are not adults yet. So what do we have to give them in order to help them do all the above?

Believe me there are less things we should give to enable them do so many.

Our kids need to receive the following feelings

  • Love

  • Care

  • Attention

  • Recognition

  • Rewards

When we show them love in all our actions, not only towards them but also between us so we become great role models to them, they will be practicing the same with their classmates.

If we show that we care, not if they will get hurt but by practicing listening to everything they want to say, we help them enter to dialogues with their friends and listen before they speak.

If they have our attention they feel winners. They understand the power of getting the attention from others.

If we recognise what they do without comparisons to other kids, and we make them feel important for their little achievements, we empower them to do more, so they will achieve more.

If we reward them for the quality things in life rather than their grades (that's the educational system's job), we show them the values in life. So let's start rewarding the good behaviour, the teamwork, the respect they show to others, the moments that their ego is away, reward them for taking care of others and for showing love.

Let's all remember that parenting is leadership. Let's make our kids better than us and stop being their obstacles to their happiness.

FREEDOM comes by doing what makes you happy. Always by respecting others and not entering their privacy. Let's teach our kids how to be great!


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