9 Possible losses of an outdated culture and what to do to overcome those

Updated: Apr 24

The market is changing rapidly and we need to act fast in order to stay in the game of business. One of the main actions we are called to take care of, is our company culture.

Having an outdated culture, the market showed that will not keeps us in business for long. People are more educated now than ever before. The market is already receiving better and better customers experience, something that people actually compare, more than anything else.

Customer experience is compared even cross-industry, that means that even if you are selling cars as an example, people will compare their experience with you based on anything else they recently came across. That might be an airline, a hotel, an ice-cream shop etc.

Having a culture of delivering a winning customers experience will differentiate you from the competition. Having the tools and methodologies to keep it updated and upgraded, to continuously deliver the WOW factor, will help you always become the first option for what you are selling. A product or service, it doesn't matter at all.

Price has been proved that is the first objection we get, but at the end it is the last reason of why someone will not buy our product or service. People buy over-budget almost everyday and almost anything.

So, it is more than important that we keep a culture which will always be fresh and positive, where people love to work, so they deliver a great customer experience.

Not having such a culture the possible losses are:

  1. Decrease of sales

  2. Increase of expenses (more marketing expenses etc)

  3. Low employee engagement

  4. Bad working environment

  5. Low trust from the customers

  6. Bad reviews online

  7. Lost of great talents

  8. Lost of good associates

  9. Low cashflow

If you can see many of the above points are interrelated. And each one can actually give negative results to the other, causing the loss to be higher.

What you can do

When anything from the list below is true for your business, contact a Culture Transformation Expert to help you on this, as soon as possible. In my experience, sometimes it is only a small detail that could cause a big problem, so if you manage with the help of an expert to discover it, the solution might be faster and closer than what you might be thinking.

Check the list below:

  1. Your sales are going down

  2. Your marketing returns are low

  3. Your people don't care

  4. Customers seem to be unsatisfied whatever you try to do for them

So if anything out of this is true, contact someone today.

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