8 Reasons Why You Are Not Selling

Updated: Mar 10

Sales is the fuel of a business and without it we move into the uncertainty, stress and other negative feelings. We feel unable to pay the bills sometimes, unable to fulfil our family's needs and you name any other negative results.

When I coach sales teams I see some common characteristics that driving them to lower their performance. Here are the 6 Reasons why you don't sell.

1. You don't trust the product

2. You are not well prepared for the demo or the call

3. You don't ask the critical questions

4. You accept any objection they say

5. You don't reach the limits

6. You don't respect the client

7. You are not offering solutions

8. You believe the product is expensive

You have to trust your product before you go out there to sell it. The best way to do that is to find what kind of solutions the product provides to certain issues, then feel free to fulfil your customers needs.

Respect your customers and agree with them. Reach your limits to understand if they really don't need the product.

Pricing is not the issue. People will pay for the products and services they believe there is a value in it. When they are solving a problem. So work hard on the values rather than the price. Then learn how to communicate that to the customer.

Remember, we are the reasons why people don't buy. Not the product.

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