12 Tips on Leadership Role Modelling

Updated: Mar 10

Every leader is a role model. Most of the small business owners do not realise that they are role modelling anyway, everyday.

They are hiring staff and they come up to a day they say, I don’t have one employee who is taking my business seriously. Sorry my friend but your employees are learning from you. You are teaching them everyday from the first day they step into your shop, factory, office or whatever your business is.

People are putting themselves into the culture they live. If your brand culture is not as you wish, then it’s not their mistake. It’s you that you need to educate them, train them on how to behave, act, and how to serve people. You need to guide them on how to sell your product or service. And if it doesn’t work, again it’s you. Hire someone to train them, educate them on how to deliver the results you wish to get.

Here are the 12 tips

  1. If you want them to be polite, be polite

  2. If you want them to deliver on time, deliver on time first

  3. Keep your promises

  4. Recognise their job done

  5. Reward them for taking the extra mile

  6. Make them happy

  7. Explain them everything they have to do. Answer the whats and whys, even if they don’t ask

  8. Allow them to give you feedback, and new ideas

  9. Be a great listener

  10. Use the brand’s language

  11. Share your vision with your staff

  12. Motivate them

By keeping your staff focused, motivated and productive you will manage to have extra time to work on your business development, to see your business with a clear point of view, find issues to be solved. In general you will manage to make more money my friend.


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