Communication should be real and honest.
Behaviour will help you do that.
Mindset will support you.

Petros believes that the right use of communication makes the difference in our lives. He imagines a world where people can live and work happily together, creating a better place to live, for us and especially for the next generations.

He is on a mission to help people communicate effectively and efficiently so they can get whatever they wish from their lives.

He works privately or in groups of people, educating them on how communication can bring results for them and their teams, in their personal and professional lives.

Petros is a Public Speaker with incredible feedback from his audience. Passionate about Leadership, Communication and Team Work he speaks out from his heart, inspiring people in taking actions to change.

Petros Philippou is an active and proud member of Round Table, served as a Chairman of the local club of Round Table 6, and as an International Relationships Officer for the National Board of Round Table Cyprus.

His Social Responsibility and Charity Activity goes with his active participation in Round Table, through which he helps kids in need find the sources for education through the Foundation "Love for Kids Day", Educating children to respect themselves and avoid the use of drugs and alcohol, and run different local and national events to raise awareness for change to the society.

He was a member and director of BNI Cyprus, which has been rewarded as the #1 Brand Ambassador of BNI International, and personally rewarded as the Director of the Year in 2013, at the International Conference at California.

The Story of Petros Philippou

Petros was born in 1979 in Limassol, Cyprus, where he lived with his family until 1999 when he left to Budapest, Hungary, to study Business & Economics. He returned to Cyprus and continued his studies at Intercollege in Nicosia. His first full time job was at Societe Generale Cyprus in Paphos.

Petros loved school as he could spend some time with his friends and, make some new ones. He never liked studying, but he always was seeking for more knowledge in topics he was finding interesting. For his teachers, he was always that clever and lazy guy. Nobody could actually understand his way of thinking. Always sociable, but never depended on others.

He never agreed that school the way it is, can actually benefit someone in the long term. He believes that in school they teach you what they believe is valuable, but they don't teach you how to learn new things that interest you. So he never cared about the grades. He never thought that teachers are better than students.

His first "Business" came at the age of 9, when he started selling to his parents things they already bought, by pretending he was running a grocery store. Beside this he was selling his services to them by offering them drinks and food by pretending to be the waiter.

Since he was 12 years old, he experience many jobs like being a messenger for a company, being a waiter, a worker for wholesalers and many many more. 

At the last year of his studies he realise that marketing the way is taught was wrong. He believes in real and honest communication, so he was certain that companies also could be real and clear with their customers. He also believed that they could gain more by being real.

His home country back then was behind in technology and, the mindset even worst. So he couldn't actually know that some big companies worldwide were already transforming their culture and mindset towards this direction. So in a way he couldn't explain it. But this is connected to his story anyway.

He got a job at an International Bank, which started its activities in Cyprus back then, when Petros finished his studies. That was the time he realised that communication is even more important inside an organisation. More important than the communication outside. So it was not only marketing to him, but something even deeper than that. 

When he realised that he has to do something about it, he decided to leave the bank and start something by himself. He asked then his wife to quit her job and follow him to start something new. Something he didn't even know. He just said, we need to tell people that they have to do business differently. That was at the end of 2007. Just a year before the global economic crisis start.

That became the beginning of the journey. He ended up running a marketing agency, but always with honest advices that people should be ready inside their company, before they start advertising. Everything was moving fine until 2013, when the big economic crisis crashed the local economy in Cyprus.

That was the biggest fail for Petros. But that was his biggest promise as well. When he realised what went wrong, he decided not to allow others get into similar troubles. So almost a year later was ready to restart. 2014 got his first 2 clients for a Culture Transformation, free of charge. Those 2 clients, referred him to their associates, those to the next and, the new journey began healthier with the word of mouth being the #1 client source.

Today Petros is a Certified Trainer, a Leadership & Business Coach, a Speaker and an inspiration to all of us on how to change our future by using communication effectively.

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