You are nobody for some people, you are valuable for others.
For you, you are everything.
The beginning and the end in life, is you. From you to you.

Petros Philippou started to see the difference of communication between people from the time he was studying at the university and to be more precise, that was his course in marketing. He realised that people are trying to manipulate people through different communication techniques, forcing them to buy staff.

Petros who by nature dislikes lies, thought that we could do business by simply communicate who we are and what are we trying to achieve. That was the first unclear picture.

By the years and his experience throughout his jobs and his business in marketing, he saw that there was something in common between branding and religions. He realised that where there is a strong belief in something, people will follow, simply because they believe the same.

The next step in his life was to research communication through his daily interactions and relationships. He ended up to the realisation that in human nature, everything is connected to everything, meaning that what we have been told and taught in life, from a single advice of care from our parents, to the environments we experienced either at home or in other places, from school, the teachers and the kids we came across, the media and what they share, our values changed from our core values we had as human beings, from the moment we were born.

So what we should do now, as per Petros findings and beliefs, we should turn back to rediscover ourselves, so we can really know our purpose in life. And the main reason we need to find our purpose, is to enable the unfolding of our values which will help us win everything we really want from our life, in growing up, in parenting, in business, with friends and associates and then from anyone out there, as it will be easier to communicate effectively and efficiently. 

Winning the game of business and life is a matter of beliefs and values, which enable us to connect with each other, and receive from them time, energy and money if we consider business as well.

Who is Petros​​

  • Born in 1979, Oct 18 | Middle class family, great memories. Thanks to his parents.

  • Went to School 1985 - 1997| Never knew what to become. Happy moment. Thanks to his friends.

  • Army 1997 - 1999 | Understood the power of connection and the power of leadership. Thanks to his "brothers".

  • Studies (Business & Economics) 1999 - 2001| Discovered the difference of learning vs studying.

  • Studies (Business & MIS) 2001 - 2003 | Discovered the wrong game in life and in business. Realised that people became selfish.

  • Worked as an IT 2001 - 2005 | Got the experience and the power of using the technology.

  • Worked at an International Bank 2005 - 2007 | Realised what bad leadership is.

  • Started his Business 2007| Wanted to teach people how to communicate differently and still be in business.

  • Turned into a Marketing Agency until 2013 | He did what the market wanted. (No clear beliefs) 

  • Big Economy Crash 2013 | The big failure. He had to restart being in huge debt.

  • New Beginning Preparations 2013 - 2014 | No money. No business. No work. He found his purpose.

  • Culture Transformation Coach 2014 +| The first promise. "It's not fair to let others go through what I've experienced", he said.

  • Today | Making people happy in life and in business.

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