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Double Your Sales in 90 Days

Fill your people with knowledge and passion for results

Course Description

This course has been design to help salesforce of an organisation find the real path in closing more sales. This course will teach and guide people on every single step they need to follow, from greeting to closing and follow up, which strategy they will need to use on every step and which process will bring closings on the table. People will learn what communication and leadership skills they need to develop and use to bring real results and help the customer become a loyal and repeating client for the organisation.

After this Course, people will be able to:
  • Continuously have a full pipeline of prospects (feel confident)

  • Greet the customer and lead the process (be in control)

  • Easily identify needs and propose the right product or service (leading to higher closing rates)

  • Present the right solution (increase possibilities)

  • Handle any objection (the big game to closing)

  • Use the right closing strategies (money on the table)

  • Use the right follow Up strategy for continuous sales (Master the Game)

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