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Custom Trainings / Seminars

Up to 100% Subsidised

What is a custom training?

Custom trainings are those trainings designed based on the specific needs of your company and allows you to train your people in your company, in a way tailored for you. It can take place at your premises or other approved by HRDA places.

Up to 100% Subsidised by HRDA

These trainings can be submitted to HRDA for approval and it can be subsidised up to 100% according to the number of participants and the amount that will be approved by the Human Recourse Department Authority.

What is the procedure of a training to be subsidised?
  1. Fill all documentation needed by the HRDA. You will be supported and guided.

  2. All documents must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior the implementation of the training.

  3. A day before the implementation, HRDA will send you the subsidised amount.

  4. Payments are made on the first day of the training with a same day cheque.

  5. You will be guided for all documentation needed after the completion of the training to request the amount approved by the HRDA.

  6. Within 3-4 months after the training, HRDA will deposit the amount in your Bank Account.

Interested for a Custom Training?

Fill your details and we will be in touch for a personal visit.