Believes in People. Works for Freedom.

A different perspective, can open unlimited opportunities.


Petros Philippou is the one who believes that a humans are armed with anything we need to achieve big things in life and move our race to the next level up, so we can enable the next generation achieve even more.

He believes that together we can make this world a better place to live.

Petros is the father who tries to understand how his daughter thinks, what she wants, so he can guide her into taking her own decisions for her life. He believes that parents are not allowed to influence children's lives with any of their beliefs. He believes that each life is unique, and can only be driven by itself.

He is committed to do anything to transform mindsets, teams, businesses and the society.



Leadership & Business Coach

Founder & Brand Strategist at So Digital

Ambassador of GBO Cyprus and Greece

Certified Trainer


Office Building at Night

Elena Hamboulla

Petros helped us throughout our professional journey to identify our values as individuals and connect them to our purpose and mission in our professional careers. 
Our thoughts were clouded and Petros cleared the air for us.

Christos Nicolaou

Petros is an amazing human being. Although I have been to many seminars, and discussed with many people in the industry, Petros managed to surprise me by connecting with me and offering me some pieces of wisdom that really pricked my heart. He makes an effort to offer personalised and practical advice, and not just generalised information. Brought tremendous value to me and would definitely recommend him as a coach at any stage of life.

Christiana Kofteros

His words are inspiring and influencing.  What impresses me the most about Petros, is the honesty in his voice and how he chooses to reflect his own personal experiences in his words. I keep and cherish all his advice and he has boosted me both in a professional and personal level.  


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