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Our Leadership skills are the most important skills we have to improve if we wish to change our results. Our leadership skills are important for our personal and professional life.

Our leadership skills will improve our behaviour, our communication and our ability to influence people and help everyone achieve their potentials, beginning from ourselves.

Leadership has different levels. It has no position. It is not a title, but a skill. You can improve it by practising. At home or at work. As a top manager or as a simple employee.

Leadership is your password to enter the life experience of a winner.



Our character is responsible for our results. For companies and organisations, the character can be understood through the company's culture.

So a culture for a company is like the character of a person. But the question is, why is that important?

Culture is important because it is the one and only thing, that a competitor can never copy. It is the only thing that differentiates you from the competition. Think about it. Even if I work with two exactly same companies, in terms of products and services, there is no way that these two companies can be the same, as they are running their activities with totally different people.

A culture can be changed, by aligning it to a common vision. Communicate it to your people and, make sure everyone is working towards the common goals.

Culture Change



Selling is something we do all day long. Everyday and almost every moment. We all have an idea we want to sell to someone, we want some of their time, we want their attention etc etc.

I have studied the biggest sales gurus in the world, and what I realised was, that if we just get the right process and we dress it up using the right communication techniques and mindset, we can have anything we wish.

The paradox in selling is that when it comes to business we do all the mistakes someone can do. The reason? we are just losing our focus. We use the wrong mindset. We push the wrong way.

If you need to close more deals, you will have to follow a certain strategy in sales. Let people buy from you more than what you are selling to them.



Marketing is our path in delivering our message to the market. It is the way which leads you in finding the right prospects.

The only way to enable your business to sell is to go out there and get more people to know you. Marketing will give you the content and tools to be used to achieve this effectively

All marketing activities need the right content to make sure you get people to understand what you do, and decide if they like you or not.

I believe that content marketing is the new big. Make sure you create a strategy which enables you to reach more people out.



Networking & PR

Being in business you need to be around more and more people. You need people to know you and your product, very well.

Some people say that we are the average of the closest 5 people. So if this is correct, which I totally believe, then we need to continuously get to enter new circles. 

Networking and PR are two things that usually people use it the wrong way. People I meet are confusing everything with sales. Even more accurately I can say with the closing of a deal. 

In Networking your main goal is to win more people around you. Make sure you get the right people and, educate them about your offerings. So they know you and your products or services. You need connections, not only contacts.



Whatever you are trying to achieve or do, you can always do it better with others. Or you may need others to help you get there.

Life and business can't be great without people around us. Building relationships is our number one priority.

In sales we need great relationships, in marketing we need great connections, in our personal life we need to feel connected with others. We need people to care about us.

Building winning relationships is the most important thing in life. We will always feel fulfilled.