April 16

Building a brand is not that difficult, but it needs a consistency on whatever you do. Especially in the communication of the brand, consistency is of a major importance. Through communication a brand is able to send its messages out to the market.

Every single brand, personal or corporate, has a story to tell. This story needs to be understood by the listeners. If a brand is not repeating the story efficiently then the story will never be clear.

At this point let me remind you of a game you probably were playing when you were a kid, or even today of you have kids. It’s called “The broken telephone”. If a brand is sending out a message which is not synchronised, it will never manage to make people remember it, even if it means the same thing. In other words we should use the same words for any particular topic regarding our brand. And this is what the Brand Language is.

Most of the people are getting confused on how they should use and build the brand language. They are using a consistent message on their advertisements for example, and expect people to engage in this. When building a brand language you should consider your customers, your staff, your associates and everyone who is in connection with your brand. Only then you will get a non broken message to the market.

Creating and maintaining a consistent brand language will always have people talking about your, exactly as you want them to. This will create an effective word of mouth advertising for your brand, leading to new customers, and of course to higher profits.

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