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Get Inspired, or Inspire your People

Get inspired or inspire your people

Petros invested the last 11 years in helping SMEs develop the right strategies to increase their business. He saved a lot of small size companies from closing down due to the economic situations. Now you have the opportunity to bring Petros Philippou directly to your organisation to share his knowledge on Leadership, Branding, Marketing, Human Recourses and Sales.

Main Topic Categories

Brand Strategy

In todays world marketing campaigns are not enough anymore. No strategy, no results. Let's get things done in the right order, on the right path.


Communication is the king to anything we try to do and create. It is the king in our everyday interactions. Let's see how it works, for winners.


How could someone become a leader? What do they need to change or what they need to do? Simple but not easy. Leadership is a choice.

"To do business you need people to know you. But the most important is what they think of you".

Petros Philippou

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