March 11

1. The customer is always right.
2. In case the customer is wrong review point 1.

A big argument for many people in business life, and especially for employees. The question for us here is, do we have to worry about it, or just accept it and work on it? Are there hidden elements on listening to our customers? Elements which are giving us any kind of power?

Listening to our customers gives us the opportunity to know our mistakes, or even when we don’t believe is our mistake, we can see it from the positive point of view. Think of the situation that the customer is wrong, but if we react another way, he will also be satisfied. Satisfied customers are happy customers. And strange customers are usually the ones who use the word of mouth.

If you manage to listen to your customer’s comments you will be able to:

  • see what procedures of yours need fine tuning
  • see who in your business need more trainings and support
  • find opportunities of increasing revenue through problem solving
  • identify which clients are willing to help you
  • see which of your systems needs to get updated
  • come closer to customers
  • find testimonials for your brand

Make sure then you are practising ways of getting your customers feedback.

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