September 5

We grew up by learning that the steps for a good life is to go to college then find a job and make a family. Buy a house to live in and make as much money as being able to pay our liabilities and buy food. Have you ever thought you can make more? Have you ever thought that you need to be more successful and independent?

There are 7 steps you should follow if you really think life should give you more:

1. Visualize your future

Ask yourself what do you want to do with life. Then set a path to get there and stop listening to people. None of them wants to share the same passion and it is normal, because nobody can actually be you. People usually respond according to their wants, beliefs and strengths. You are unique and you can do things others would never think about.

2. Find your passion

Very few people get paid for what they are really passionate about. The rest simply pass their days one after the other without really enjoy it. It’s one thing to get paid and it’s another thing to design your future the way you will feel like you never work. I am not saying easy has to do anything with success, but at least love it!

3. Fine tune your mindset

In order for you to find success in nowadays you need to become creative thinker. Creative thinker on how things should be moving and how you can surprise your customers. Things have changed, and it will never again be enough to have something special. You need to think only on behalf of your customers.

4. Manage your time

Learn on how things can go better when you manage your time wisely. The right time management will let you soon enjoy more time with friends and family, but before that you will enjoy your productivity and results. Time management will let you know when something is really important to do now or even the next month. It will save you time and it will show you the way. Your mind will be clear enough to think of other important issues.

5. Collaborate

Do you really believe a man can do it all? Successful people know their strengths and weaknesses and they find others to compliment their skill so they maximize results.

6. Take risks

Our society needs to promote more risk taking. Most of the very successful stories have been written after trial and errors. If you don’t fail you will never succeed. You need to take your risks.

7. Learn from failed trials

Successful people fail a lot of times. They have one common practise though, they carefully study and learn throughout failure. Every time they fail they learn something new and they know better for their next trial.

You can achieve nothing if you don’t fail. And that is the magic of life.

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