May 25

The fastest way to success is to hire a coach, a mentor or a role model to help you out. Yes I know all the “gurus” out there advice you the same thing right?

Yet most people don’t have a personal coach. They simply reject the idea. Usually humans believe they can do it themselves, or they are not willing to invest on this. Sometimes I find people who don’t even know how much it will cost, and they are afraid to ask, or invest. To what? the unknown amount? This in my opinion is the biggest trap people get into. Find below the 6 Reasons why you need personal coaching in life.

1. You become more accountable

Most people know what to do, but they don’t do what they know. The personal coach will show you the way, and make you do all of those things you know. A coach will push you over your limits, on getting things done, no stories no excuses. Otherwise people are only accountable to themselves, and that is the problem. When you are accountable to yourself, then you can find different excuses of why you didn’t do it. With a coach you are accountable to someone who is pushing you on doing things, and you have no excuses to him.

2. Saves you time and gives you faster results

You can always make more money, but you never get more time. Humans have the ability when doing something for themselves to get the long way, and waste their time. Another thing I found out is that people cannot thing after setting their goals, and it seems they get stuck in the middle.

Once I was reading an article from by Stefan Pylarinos and he gave a great example out of his experience from using a coach, than before he hired a coach. He said a personal coach is like I give you a GPS which will always use the fastest and most efficient route to take you wherever you like. But, he said not only that, this GPS guarantees that in case you get lost, a helicopter is coming to take you and get you to your destination. I loved this example, especially from someone he had the experience of using a coach.

3. Saves you money

This part usually stands for the start ups, but even the experienced business people, use to spend money without return especially when it’s about getting new customers, once they believe this is the most important task they have.

A coach will help you realise your mistake and find better solutions on how to spend your money wisely, if needed and when needed, so you can get the maximum return on your investments.

4. Saves you stress

We all know we are stressing out a lot when we are about to take new actions. Usually because of the unknown results. A coach will advice you based not only his experience, but also based on his researches. This will provide you with more confidence, so you will be making steps towards your goals.

5. Get more ideas than what you could ever imagine

A third party has always a clear mind and sees opportunities more than what you can actually do, when you are involved on the daily troubles you have to deal with. This third party is the coach, who not only will help you find new ideas, but he will clearly guide you, explaining why, on whether you take an action or not, on your own ideas. There are many examples out there. One is a website which was making €30 per month, as a passive income, with a simple new idea everything changed, and from €30 it started doing €300, until ended up making thousands now. Is it worth it?

Guess whose the idea was.

6. Get a higher self confidence

Through my experience, I see that most of the people have something holding them back. That might be a story they have listened to, sometimes simply from rumours, or because someone told them they can’t. Or this cannot be done, and many other reasons, usually from the environment we live in.

Having a coach, I guarantee you, you will get a higher self confidence, and you will feel you can actually do everything. Sometimes people start feeling they can actually master the world. This depends on how motivated they are, and how much they believe on what they do.

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