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Tommys Christou
Creative Director at MDS

“Petros approach works. We have tried different approaches, but all we did was spending our time without results. Working with Petros is fun, professional and he manages to keep you focus on achieving your desired results”.

George Bitsounis
Insurance Consultant at Prime Insurance

“I couldn’t believe when Petros told me when we started the program “I am going to help you communicate your real values”. He actually did. I thought I knew my self and my profession, but now I am actually moving towards my real vision”.

Yiannis Koutalis
Managing Director at Cubix Minds

“Our experience with Petros as a coach of Cubix Minds is amazing: he helps us understand where and who we are as a company as well as individuals, and is by our side, step by step, to set and achieve our goals towards our development.”



By going through every detail of the brand, from the philosophy to the procedures, coaching every single employee and department, up to the leadership team, he manages to develop a culture where everyone is focus on results, while working in a friendly and happy environment.

He will make your customers refer you to new ones.


Helps them understand the real philosophy behind the scenes, manage their time effectively, focus on their results and communicate their personal brand efficient and effectively. He will go into a deep understanding of the situation and the goals, and he will be by their side.

He transforms them into trustful professionals.


His communicational skills are helpful in making people adopt the new reality and manage to build relationships which will bring them happiness, freedom, and a life full of unforgattable moments. It’s all in our minds, and how we see things that drives ourlives.

He will help you create a strong personality.

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Leadership Role Modeling

7 Steps to Your Desired Life


Sometimes we feel we are ready but we are not. It’s good that we feel fine with ourselves before we start a change program. We all know we have something that needs to be changed, but few people admit it. If you feel like it then feel free to contact Petros for a free situation analysis.

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